Chrysler Aspen – Hybrid Battery Repair or Replace

2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid Battery Repair
$950* Standard Service.
Hybrid Battery Refurbishment and Reconditioning, with Installation & 120 Day Warranty
$1250* Pro Service.
Hybrid Battery Refurbishment and Reconditioning, with Installation & 1 Year Warranty

Hyper Hybrids will repair or replace your Chrysler Aspen hybrid battery and get you back on the road fast for a price that is about half of what the other guys charge. And we will warranty the battery for a full 120 days to 1 year depending on the service level you choose. We have unlimited mileage warranties!*

With our Standard Service and Pro Services, we recondition and balance the battery pack to help ensure long life of the battery, which is why we offer a longer warranty with these services.

  • The battery packs are tested and disassembled
  • cleaned to remove dust and corrosion
  • inspected for damage
  • cells are reconditioned individually and rated
  • a new battery pack is built with reconditioned cells of matched ratings
  • we balance the cells to have a matched state of charge
  • We first check your 12v battery to verify it is ok
  • Then we check your car for any fault codes (DTC, via OBD2)
  • We verify electronically the issues your car is having
  • We remove the defective battery pack
  • We verify how many cells are bad based on voltage readings
  • We install the reconditioned battery pack
  • We test your vehicle electronically and on a test drive to be sure everything is working properly

Pro Service is the same as our standard service with the addition of a 1 Year Warranty*.

24×7 mobile response from $50, we can come to you valley-wide anytime (within reasonable distance, time and location).

(we do offer replacement battery packs for other years and vehicles)

*Price is valid only with a rebuildable battery exchange. Most batteries are rebuildable however, the price without exchange is $2400. (we can test the old pack for you and let you know if it is rebuildable or not for free, again, most are rebuildable). Price includes up to 3 bad cells, additional cell replacements are available at $50 each if required.

All prices are based on noncommercial use vehicles. Commercial use vehicles, taxis, uber, and other delivery vehicles please contact us for special pricing. Vehicles with modifications to the electrical or drive systems that would cause added use or wear on the battery pack are void from warranty.